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Meet The Team

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DJ Daugherty

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Jessica Babb

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Zach Thomas

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Chris Brumley

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Tel: 901-674-1612

Renovations is a fairly new industry for me, but business management and housing is not. My strengths are making businesses profitable, implementing successful business strategies, and developing a model that will run efficiently for years to come. I happen to be a Real Estate Broker as well. My years of experience seeing homes that are poorly renovated caused me to endeavor into the renovation and construction industry. Providing exceptional customer service and delivering high quality results is a priority for me in everything. I’m excited to deliver this experience to you. Thanks for your interest in 138 Renovations!





Tel: 901-468-3812

Hi! I’m Jessica and I’m a buyer’s agent with My Town Properties. I started off as Zach’s assistant and quickly realized how much I loved real estate- especially helping people find the perfect home to enrich their lives. One of the things I love most about this city I grew up in is the huge variety of homes and architecture- I grew up in Midtown, so I have a soft spot for an amazing porch, but I also love a midcentury modern out in Germantown, or the fun of picking out your finishes in a new build.

My husband and I are both third generation Memphians, and we are now raising our family in the Midsouth. My kids have grown up driving down Poplar and Summer Avenue while hearing the stories of their families growing up here. I love to teach them the history of all the quirky and best parts of Memphis. They roll their eyes every time I tell them (again!) about how Germantown Parkway used to just be trees for miles!

Now I am venturing into a new space in renovating and excited to bring more life to this already awesome city! We spend so much of our lives in our homes, I want to help make it your dream home! 


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Co-Owner/General Contractor



Tel: 901-491-1360

I’ve been a Realtor for years and joined My Town Properties (as a Buyers’s Agent and Transaction Coordinator) because I saw we shared a commitment to an exceptional real estate experience and amazing customer service. I demand perfection when I do my personal business with a professional. With the number of Realtors one could choose from, I believe customer service is where I set myself apart and can earn your business. I treat each of my clients with the same level of care that I personally demand for myself.

I spent 15 years in the construction industry so I bring a wealth of experience when negotiating repairs and helping you understand inspection reports.

I was born and raised in Memphis and my wife and I are raising two great kids here as well. I was a former college athlete so I know how important having a great team is. Everyone bringing the best of what they have to offer makes us all more successful.

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