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Our Process Breakdown



Step 1: Dream Meeting 

Schedule your FREE assessment by filling out the form on our contact page. We will come out and hear your vision, see the space and then we will present a detailed quote. Our team will wait to hear your decision!

What the quote includes - 

  • Total project cost

  • Product/Service line item breakdown 

  • Labor and installation costs

  • Allowances

Step 2: Say Yes! 

Again, we are so excited you have picked us to make your dreams come true! After receiving our initial quote, we will ask you to sign a contract so we can get started right away.

Step 3: Design

After receiving your project selection guide, you will start to fill it in! SO EXCITING! Before demolition, we may require certain selections to be ordered and on site. This just allows us to get precise measurements and placements. For example, in a bathroom renovation, we like to have the new tub on site so our plumber can layout everything perfectly and consider all aspects before we demo. As you start to do your research, change orders may present themselves. We will discuss all allowances and adjust budget as you see fit. 

Step 4: Demo, Buy and Install

A demolition date has been set! Our team will break ground and you will continue to fill in your project selection guide. Your paper copy will be for you to dream, make notes and keep for personal reference. We will also present an electronic copy for final selections you can fill in and approve. You let us know what we need to order and what you will be ordering. Our team will pick up local items (tile, flooring, etc.) and make sure they are onsite when needed. 


"Whatever your objectives, clear communication is the key to success," Melitta Campbell. 

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